The Big Northwestern Trail Ride


Be prepared for Big Landscapes, Amazing Horses, Culture Alive, Historic Accommodations and Winetasting!



Argentina’s hardscrabble northwest sits beneath the mighty snowcapped Andes, where a confluence of wind, water, ice and time has conjured weird, wonderful rocks capes, streaked with minerals and glowing red in the sun. Nature speaks powerfully here, lending the region a certain mystery. It is Argentina’s most seductive rural zone, a winning combination of rugged landscapes, traditional weavers' workshops, striking adobe villages, top vineyards and Gaucho tradition while at the same time there is a visible pre-Columbian influence of Indigenous Argentina. The local people wonderfully managed to conserve this mixed Colonial-Indigenous heritage of the region.

Over the years, Pousadas/hotels popped up for the Tropeiros (traditional horsemen who transported merchants between cities).

There were also places created for the crown to collect taxes. In many cases, these small outposts became towns and villages. And the rich wanted a good, fast and comfortable horse to be able to move between the gold cities.

You always spend the night in the best colonial charm hotel of the region. And even will spend 1 idyllic night in a comfortable tented camp next to the horses. The typical asado and regional wine will help you fall asleep before you can count the stars.

On average you will be riding about 5 hours a day on energetic and smooth gaited Peruvian Paso Horses. These special horses came to Argentina via the trading route between Lima and Salta. Since then locally bred in Northern Argentina.  Not many will have heard of the “fifth gait” or the Paso Peruano. but this is a breed of horse that has had a rare and interesting history and development. To be able to ride one has become something of a privilege and sought after by many horse-riding fans. By riding that unique horse you will be honoring the cultural heritage of the region.

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