The Sertão, the Brazilian Outback on Horseback - Brazil

07 days - 06 nights - 6 days on horseback

a 7-day equestrian adventure following the footsteps of Lampião; the Brazilian equivalent of Jesse James or Pancho Villa.



Many are surprised when they learn that Brazil is bigger than Australia and is about the same size as the USA and that Brazil's attractions are a lot more than the Amazon, Carnival and Brazilian soccer. One of the world's most captivating places lies in the northeast of the country; the Sertão or the Brazilian Outback. Sung by poets, the Sertão covers eight Brazilian states and although battered by drought, it is one of Brazil’s culturally richest areas. From frozen-in-time colonial towns to otherworldly landscapes of red-rock canyons, rolling plains of caatinga to the mighty São Francisco River. It is the land of the brave northeastern Vaqueiros/cowboys. Dressed from head to toe in leather, to protect themselves against the thorns of the acacia bushes they have a totally different look than any other cowboy you have ever seen. (also, their horses are protected with leather chest and head pieces).

Over the years, Pousadas/hotels popped up for the Tropeiros (traditional horsemen who transported merchants between cities).

There were also places created for the crown to collect taxes. In many cases, these small outposts became towns and villages. And the rich wanted a good, fast and comfortable horse to be able to move between the gold cities.

A horse-riding trip of 7 days crossing the outback from colonial town to colonial town. Red soil, crazy rock formations, cactus-strewn landscapes, and the ever-present San Francisco river with its impressive canyons form the backdrop for our equestrian adventure.

On average, you will be 5 hours a day in the saddle. You will spend the night in comfy and colorful posadas and country houses while your luggage will be taken by a back-up vehicle to the next accommodation. You will enjoy breathtaking views, see ancient rock paintings, ride on the banks of the San Francisco river, go for a boat ride on the river, and also swim in it. The Canyons will make you feel small, and the hospitality of the locals in each town will melt your hearts.

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