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Equine Photography Workshop in Patagonia - Chile

Workshop for professional and amateur photographers

Day by day

Day by day:

Equine Photography Workshop in Patagonia - Chile

Choose between the 8 Days / 7 Nights program or the 9 Days / 8 Nights program.
Below the description of the 8 Days / 7 Nights program.
The 9 days programs have the same itinerary with the difference that it has an extra night of glamping.

During the entire trip, you will be accompanied by a professional renowned photographer/coach specialized in horse photography. As well as Victor Moraga, a Patagonian Gaucho, aka veterinarian specialized in horses & biologist. In addition, Victor speaks perfect English, knows the locals and the region very well and is, therefore, your ideal guide. And last but not least the minibus / private vehicle and driver will stay with you the entire week.

Day 1: Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales 

03:00 pm Departure from the Punta Arenas airport to Puerto Natales. A drive of about 3 hours in a private vehicle. You will drive through the vast Patagonian pampa, see estancias and livestock and probably also wildlife like guanacos and rhea.

06:00 pm Check in at Hotel Vendaval ( a contemporary hotel in Puerto Natales, where you will have a moment to rest after the roadtrip.

08:00 pm Welcome dinner in a typical restaurant in Puerto Natales, a moment where we will share the expectative and wishes of every member of the group for this exclusive trip. Overnight at the Vendeval Hotel.


Day 2: Estancia La Peninsula 

08:00 am Breakfast at the Hotel.

09:00 am Transfer from the Hotel to Estancia la Peninsula (,  located at the shores of the Ultima Esperanza fjord, to get there we will have to jump on a boat to cross Señoret channel for about 40 minutes.  Estancia la Peninsula has kept the pioneer tradition of working livestock with dogs and horses. A demonstration of their world will be presented.

10:30 am a 2,1/2 hour photoshoot of about 30 white criollo horses in beautiful surroundings of Estancia la Peninsula.

01:00 pm Traditional lunch at the Estancia

04:00 pm Evaluation of the pictures you made during the morning

07:00 pm Dinner at Estancia la Peninsula

08:00 pm Second photoshoot of about 1,1/2 hour of the horses during Sunset. Accommodation at the rustic cabin “La Barroza” of Estancia La Peninsula


Day 3: La Peninsula - Pueblito Serrano

05:00 am A quick Coffee and early morning photo shoot of a herd of white horses during sunrise.

08:00 am Breakfast at Estancia La Peninsula

09:00 am Transfer with private bus and crossing the channel by boat from la Estancia la Peninsula to Pueblito Serrano. The drive will take approximate 2 hours. We will approach the famous Torres del Paine mountain range, see the lake “Lago Toro”, and appreciate well the peaks of Torres del Paine, Paine Grande, the Glaciar Grey and the river Serrano during our road trip.

11:00 am Check-in at the Pampa Lodge. 

11:30 am Photoshoot of 2 hours of about 10 horses that belongs to Arancibial family, at the surroundings of the lodge and by Rio Serrano.

01:30 pm Lunch at the Pampa Lodge.

03:30 pm Second photo shoot of the horses for another 2 hours. Landscape is amazing

05:30 pm Evaluation of the images of the day + editing
08:00 pm Dinner and accommodation at the Pampa Lodge.

Day 4: Patagonia Bagual

07:00 am Breakfast at Pampa Lodge
08:00 pm transfer of two and a half hours in private Van from Serrano sector
towards the Blue Lagoon sector, during which the river waterfall can be seen
Paine and beautiful valley with lots of guanacos, to finally contemplate the beautiful Laguna Azul and its impressive panoramic view of Torres del Paine and Monte Almirante Nieto
10:30 pm Check-in at the Patagonia Bagual Glamping Base Camp. This cozy place will be your home for the next 4 nights.
11:00 am Today is a day of adventure and action. A full day of a hiking photo safari organized by Patagonia Bagual ( Bagual means wild horses. You will start with a 4x4 off-road transfer of 40 minutes. Crossing the Estancia Laguna Azul until reaching an original 50 years old gaucho Puesto (small Gaucho base camp). Here you will get explications of what will come during the day, of how to approach the wild horses while you can have a coffee and some small snacks. Be ready for the walk. You will hike into the Torres del Paine National Park, through exclusive access. The search for the herd of 120 wild horses has begun, keep your cameras ready. The herd lives in the area with almost no human intervention in the last 50 years. They live in perfect harmony with a pristine ecosystem. You will have a beautiful panoramic view of Las Torres, El Fortaleza, Lago Stoke, and Cordillera Dickson. The trekking is a 12 kilometers loop, returning to the Puesto after 6 hours walking through low but sometimes difficulty areas.  The herd is wild, so nobody knows how close you will be able to get to the horses. Some days one gat get pretty close, while other days horses take more distance. This is a safari. Who will get the lucky shot?!?

07:00 pm Evaluation of the images of the day + editing at the Patagonia Bagual Base Camp.
08:00 pm Asado (barbeque) at the Patagonia Bagual basecamp. A very exclusive and pristine area, with a view of the Cordillera Baguales. Chat about the adventure of the day while having a drink and some very good meat. Accommodation at Patagonia Bagual Glamping Base Camp.

Day 5 : Las Torres

08:00 am Breakfast at Patagonia Bagual.

09:00 am Transfer by private bus from Patagonia Bagual to Hotel Las Torres, located inside Cerro Paine national park. Most of the trip is inside the Torres del Paine National Park, so besides of having amazing panoramic views of different lakes as Pehoe, Nordenskjold and the mountain range of Macizo Paine you will also see wildlife.

10:30 am Photoshoot of 2 hours. The Gauchos will bring horse to the right spot. A herd of 200 horses live on the grounds of the Hotel.

13:30 pm Lunch at the Hotel Las Torres

03:00 pm Second photoshoot for another 2 hour of the horses.

05:00 pm Evaluation of the images of the day + editing

07:00 pm Dinner at Hotel Las Torres, where regional dishes with local products are served, grown from the vegetable garden of the hotel.

08:30 pm Transfer back to Patagonia Bagual. Accommodation at the Patagonia Bagual Glamping Base Camp

Day 6 : Laguna Azul

08:00 am Breakfast at Patagonia Bagual

09:00 am Photoshoot of 5 hours of the herd of horses belonging to CONAF (The National Forest Corporation) at the Laguna Azul ranger station, followed by the herd belonging to succession Fernandez Villa, owners of Estancia Laguna Azul. The first small herd -about 10 horses - lives in an area which a surface not bigger than 5 hectares but in a beautiful area. Meanwhile, the Laguna Azul herd lives in approx. 2000 hectares piece of land. We will approach them by car.

02:00 pm  Lunch at the Patagonia Bagual base camp.

04:00 pm evaluation of the images of the day + editing.

07:00 pm Dinner-BBQ at Patagonia Bagual

Accommodation at the Patagonia Bagual Glamping Base Camp


Day 7 : Cordillera Baguales

08:00 am Breakfast at Patagonia Bagual
09:00 am A 2 hours transfer by private Van to “Estancia 3R” located In the middle of the Cordillera Bagual (the Bagual Mountains).
11:00 am Photoshoot of 2 hours in a beautiful region of the herd of horses belonging to the estancia.
01:00 pm Lunch at Estancia 3R.
03:00 pm Second photoshoot of the day at Estancia 3 for another 2 hours.
05:00 pm Evaluation of the images of the day + editing.
07:00 pm Dinner at Estancia 3R.
09:00 pm Transfer back to Patagonia Bagual.
Accommodation at the Patagonia Bagual Glamping Base Camp


Day 8 : Patagonia Bagual - Laguna Azul - Puerto Natales

09:00 am Breakfast at Patagonia Bagual
10:00 am Evaluation & Editing of the pictures of the week in the living room of the Patagonia Bagual Base Camp.
02:00 pm Lunch at Patagonia Bagual.
04:00 pm Transfer of about 2 hours from the Laguna Azul region back to Puerto Natales.
06:00 pm Check-in at the Hotel Vendaval in Puerto Natales.
08:00 pm Farewell dinner at a restaurant downtown Puerto Natales. Accommodation at the Vendaval Hotel.

Day 09 :  Puerto NatalesPunta Arenas (airport)
08:00 am Breakfast at the Hotel.
09:00 am Transfer from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas Airport. The expected arrival is around noon.

A Little bit of history...

When navigator explorer Magellan in 1520 sailed as the first European along the coast of southern Argentina and Chile and went ashore, he and his crew discovered huge "Patones" or footprints on the beach. Moments later they saw real giants; 2 meter tall Indians! These were indeed giants in comparison with the then small Spaniards (average 1,55m). Patones which means big feet immediately became the name for the region. Later it was given the name Patagonia or "land of big feet.

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