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Estancia Mercedes, Chilean Patagonia, Chile

A one-week lifechanging Gaucho experience at a Patagonian Estancia!

Who is Who

Who is who on the trail:

There will be NO Entre Orejas trip leader on this trip. So, you will be travelling alone or with your family or friend(s) to the Estancia. At the Estancia you will be welcomed by the owners Sebastian and Grissel.


Sebastian Garcia Iglesias


Sebastian is first and foremost a Gaucho in blood and bones! Born and raised on Estancia Mercedes, his great love is life on the farm and in the wilderness. He has a university degree in agricultural engineering. Is fascinated by the history and culture of Patagonia, but his greatest passion is Bagualear. Bagualear is catching wild bulls in the wilderness, roping the animals on horseback with a helping team of dogs. (See the editorial article in National Geographic further below).

Together with his wife Grissel and sister Angeles, they have also focused on organic growing and started the Social Innovation project called "Plaza Comestible”, which seeks to rescue trees and fruit trees brought to Puerto Natales since 1892.

And last but not least, Sebastian's first love was the horse. And thus like all gauchos he is born in the saddle and rides from childhood. From the age of 14 he became a horse whisperer ... he immersed himself in the psychology of the horse and, like no other, makes wild horses tame and brake them in in a very gentle way.
When his older brothers left the farm, 2 rooms became available and the idea arose to share his passion with people from the other side of the world and receive them at his home. He will gladly take you on a tour and share his knowledge with you as only he can do. And whoever allows it, then be prepared for big dose of action!


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