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LOS LLANOS - The Colombia Cowboy & Wrangling Experience

Experience 8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS / 6 DAYS IN THE SADDLE 

800 Horses - 40.000 Hectares -- 20.000 heads of Cattle – 40 Cowboys



Experience the Heartbeat of Colombia, ...

Saddle up for the ride of your life in the untamed expanses of Los Llanos, Colombia!

Imagine this: 40 rugged cowboys, 40,000 hectares of pristine wilderness, 20,000 heads  of cattle, and 800 horses await you. It's not just a ride; it's a daring escapade into the  heart of cowboy culture!. 


Upon arrival at the Ranch, you'll receive your saddle and Capotera (a traditional saddle  bag), just like the local seasonal vaqueiros/cowboys. Choose your bed in the historic  hacienda and report to El Caporal, the chief of the vaqueros, who will unveil the  challenges and thrills awaiting you over the next 8 days. Brace yourself—this is the real  deal!.

The "Colombia Cowboy & Wrangling Experience" is your ticket to adventure,  authenticity, and unparalleled equestrian thrills in LOS LLANOS – COLOMBIA! 

Twice a year, deep in the wilds of Casanare province, the Santana farm comes alive  with the thundering hooves of 800 horses and the lowing of thousands of cattle. Join  the vaqueros as they tend to the herds, treating, castrating, marking, and breaking in  the young horses. You will wrangle 300 breeding mares and round them up for deworming and select the  young horses for training. Additionally, their manes and tails are groomed, and  stallions, if necessary, are separated from the herds 


all the way back to Colonial Argentina. To the time when great landlords ruled in South America. The 200-year-old Estancias that you will stay in are the remains of this dominant period. But this is not the only thing that has survived from that period. The unpaved roads that connect colonial villages and Estancias, the landscapes, the culture, the way farmers work with horses on the field, it all stayed the same as centuries ago, as it all stood still in time.

Prepare to be amazed as Colombian cowboys tame wild horses with skill and  determination. Witness and take part in the breathtaking spectacle of wrangling  hundreds of horses at breakneck speeds, sometimes even swimming across rivers to  reach new grazing grounds. This is no ordinary ride—it's an adrenaline-fueled  immersion into the South-American cowboy way of life! 

Los Llanos the Colombian Cowboy & Wrangling, Colombia, Entre Orejas.jpg

At Santana ranch, one of Colombia's largest cattle farms, you'll discover the  unparalleled biodiversity of Los Llanos. From alligators and anacondas to capybaras and exotic birds, every corner of the ranch teems with life. But this isn't your typical tourist destination. Santana ranch opens its doors exclusively  to guests of Entre Orejas, offering an authentic glimpse into Colombian cowboy culture.  After each day in the saddle, unwind in the comfort of the hacienda, taking a refreshing  dip in the pool and enjoying sumptuous dinners and ice-cold beers under the stars.


Halfway through the week, venture out to a distant outpost of the ranch, where you'll  spend a night in a hammock, surrounded by local vaqueros and serenaded by live  music. This is South America at its purest—beautiful, raw, and unforgettable. Join us for the "Trabajo de Llano," (work in los llanos) an adventure that promises not  just 8 days, but 40 new experiences and 40 new friends. This is your chance to embrace  the spirit of the Llanero cowboy and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Are you  ready to ride?

4 very important points you have to know before signing up: 

  1. In los llanos all activities depend on the weather and especially the rain. Twice a year the ranch organizes round-ups of horses and cattle. If the weather is not as expected  then it is possible that more cattle work will be done than round-up of the horses.  Anyway, whatever the weather, there is always a lot of cattle and horse work to do. We will do everything possible to follow the indicated itinerary, although spot changes  can occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Rides are subject to change depending on  weather, location and difficulty of terrain. In the unlikely event that this happens on  your trip, we ask you flexibility and understanding. This is a sporty and adventurous  vacation!

  2. You will understand that if you want to be part of this cowboy team that you have to  be an experienced rider. 

  3. At the Ranch you will be confronted with a new culture. Very different and probably  a lot harder than what you are used to at home. Fact is that their reality is also a lot  harder, so we do not judge, but learn, adapt and absorb. As that’s what travelling is all  about. See yourself as an anthropologic during this trip, jump into this adventure and  become a real Llanero. (cowboy of the llanos). 

  4. Wimps & Moaners not allowed on this trip! 

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