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LOS LLANOS - The Colombia Cowboy & Wrangling Experience

800 Horses - 40.000 Hectares -- 20.000 heads of Cattle – 40 Cowboys 

P info

Información Práctica:

Good to know before you go

Riding level

Suitable for experienced riders only.You should be confident on a horse at all paces.


Riders weight limit: 100 Kg

Group Size:

Minimum 7 riders

Maximum 12 riders


  • Horses: the horses are Casañan Creole horses, of medium height and with incredible  resistance. For more than 400 years they have adapted to the difficult climatic  conditions of winter and summer. Very comfortable for long days and always ready to  work, they are excellent cowboy horses, ready to run and chase cows.

  • Average height: They are not the tallest horses, between 1.35 and 1.50 meters.

  • Saddles: very comfortable western and traditional McClellan saddles, waterproof with  soft seat, perfect and safe for long days, suitable for all types of weather

  • Guides: professional and multilingual guides. (click “The Guides” Page to see who is who).

  • Comfort: clean and comfortable ranch & rooms.(single participants of the same sex  share rooms) + 1 night in a hammock at an outpost of the ranch.

  • International Passport: Required for most foreigners (still 6 months valid).

  • Visa:  most European and South American citizens do not need a visa to travel to  Colombia. Contact a Visa Agent or the Colombia Consulate/Embassy in your country  for more info.

  • Vaccinations : not mandatory but recommended (consult your physician)

  • Age: minimum age is 14 years, only allowed if accompanied by an adult.

  • Flying: Fly in and out of Yopal (EYP). International flight to BOGOTA and connect  with a short domestic flight to YOPAL.

Are you alone?

Do not worry, you can individually register/book and join a group with other riders. Most participants are people who register individually and may just like you, not know the other riders in your group. Since everyone has the same points of interest (horseback riding, nature, travel, culture) there is always a good atmosphere and understanding among the participants. Participants come from all corners of the world, so you can be part of a group with riders from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Sweden, Canada, USA, Australia, Colombia, and many others countries. Your friends are suddenly so much more international! :) A standard group consists of 6 riders. (guides excluded) In general, there are as many females as male participants.

Los Llanos the Colombian Cowboy & Wrangling, Colombia, Entre Orejas.jpg

Weather :

The climate is tropical, situated at an altitude between 100 and 200 meters above sea  level. As such, there are no distinct seasons but rather rainy and dry periods. Daytime  temperatures range from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. Depending on the time of year, it can be humid with mosquitoes, but nothing that repellent can't handle. For more  information, see the Wikipedia link on the Orinoquía region of Colombia: 


The maximum allowable weight of your luggage depends from airline to airline. Check  with the airline or travel agent how many kilograms and pieces of luggage you can  take.

Pack everything in duffle bags, backpacks, or dry bags. Avoid wheeled or rigid suitcases  as items may be carried on mules or tractors and could get wet. 
A dry bag for treks
(recommended from Decathlon


Colombia has not always the best reputation for safety and crime. Tens of thousands  of . European and North American citizens safely visit Colombia each year for tourism,  business, university studies, and volunteer work. Security in Colombia has improved  200% . For the last 10 years Colombia is considered a safe country to travel to. The  only risk now a days in Colombia, is that you will want to stay!  


Our guides and team speak Spanish & English.


The plains in Colombia is a safe region in terms of health. You can easily eat and drink  anything without being stomach bothered. Eating raw vegetables, salads and ice  creams is no problem. Although we are in a tropical region of Colombia there is no risk of malária in this  region , in case of illness or accident the evacuation route is by air, the farm has two  landing strips and we have permanent access to an air evacuation on a 25 minute flight  to Yopal where there is good hospital care.

travel gear... Packing List

  • Valid international passport 

  • Travel Insurance

  • Pocket money (you can change EUR/£/USD st Bogota airport)  

  • A poncho or warm sweater/jacket 

  • 4 or 5 T-shirts and minimum 2 a shirtd with long sleeves 
    (Clothes you don't mind getting Dirty) 

  • Jodhpurs, bombachas or jeans to ride with (jeans takes longer to dry) 

  • Riding shoes or boots / riding shoes with mini-chaps or long chaps (shoes/boots will get wet!) 

  • A second pair of shoes for the evening 

  • Swimsuit Comfortable clothing + a Hat  

  • One towel  

  • Toiletries 

  • Sun Cream 

  • Water canteen 

  • Camera… 

  • Flashlight 

  • Insect repelente & itch relief lotion 

  • Quick-drying clothes (avoid jeans) 

  • Swiming suit 

  • Knife 

  • Sun çotiom protection 

  • Waterproof protection for cameras/phones. 
    * There are no nearby stores, so bring provisions (cigarettes, medicines, etc.) 
    *  It is recommended to put your luggage in travel bag instead of a hard suitcase.  12 bags are easier to get in the backup vehicle than 12 suitcases. (thanks!)

    *  Do NOT bring saddles (saddled horses will be provided).  
    *  Do NOT bring laptops

Seguro de Viaje OBLIGATORIO:

Pregúntele a su compañía de seguros local o agente de viajes al respecto. No se le permitirá participar en el programa de vacaciones de cabalgatas "Entre Orejas" sin tener un seguro de viaje personal. Los detalles de su seguro serán solicitados a la llegada.


Seguro de Cancelación de Viaje OBLIGATORIO:
Se recomienda un seguro de cancelación de viaje: Para protegerse contra circunstancias imprevistas que interfieran con sus vacaciones "Entre Orejas", le recomendamos que compre un seguro de cancelación de viaje. Puede utilizar cualquier compañía de seguros de viaje con la que se sienta cómodo.


Acuerdo de liberación de responsabilidad:

Los clientes de "Entre Orejas" deben firmar un acuerdo de liberación de responsabilidad en el momento del check-in. Esto es obligatorio y los invitados no pueden participar la cabalgata sin firmar el acuerdo de liberación (todos los fondos pagados NO son reembolsables). No dude en leer el acuerdo de liberación antes de su llegada.

Los padres o tutores legales de niños menores de edad deben firmar el acuerdo de liberación en nombre de sus hijos. Por favor, dirija todas las preguntas a la oficina.

Los Llanos the Colombian Cowboy & Wrangling, Colombia, Entre Orejas.jpg

more... ​

  • Time: 

  • Currency: The Colombian currency is the Colombian Peso or COP > $.
    1 USD ≈ 4200 COP (jan.2024) 
    1 EUR ≈ 4500 COP (jan. 2024) 
    Cash dispensers /ATM’s can be found in all towns and cities. 
    In the cities you can pay with credit cards. (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American  Express, ...)

  •  The Electricity and plugs:

  • Mobile phone: In towns and villages there is mobile phone coverage everywhere. 

  • ​Internet: In towns and villages there is everywhere Internet access also on most of the haciendas

  • Rules: We are not so much into rules, but we reserve the right to refuse service to any individual who jeopardizes the health, safety and welfare of any of our guests, staff, family & community members, animals & livestock, or who refuses to follow the rules we have established for your safety and welfare during your visit with us.

  • General info about Colombia:

  • Tourism Board: 

Los Llanos the Colombian Cowboy & Wrangling, Colombia, Entre Orejas.JPG
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