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The Spartacus Trail Ride - Bulgaria from the Saddle

Exploring Bulgaria in 11 Days - 10 Nights and 5 Days in the Saddle

Day by day
The Spartacus Trail Ride Bulgaria from the Saddle, Entre Orejas.png

Día a día:

* La siguiente descripción es un ejemplo del programa. El itinerario puede variar durante su semana de viaje.
Haremos todo lo posible por seguir el itinerario indicado, aunque pueden producirse cambios puntuales debido a circunstancias imprevistas. Los recorridos están sujetos a cambios en función del tiempo, la ubicación, el alojamiento y la dificultad del terreno. En el caso poco probable de que esto ocurra en su viaje, le pedimos flexibilidad y comprensión.  ¡Estas son unas vacaciones deportivas y aventureras!

Day 1 : Welcome to Yopal, the capital of Casanare 

The meeting point is Yopal airport.  You'll need to catch a flight from Bogotá to Yopal (EYP). A private 20-minute transfer  will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel for a welcome dinner.

Day 2 :  Explore Yopal

After breakfast, we'll explore Yopal's traditional leather workshops, then  embark on a 3-hour private transfer to Matabraba, Hato Santana's primary gateway.  We'll meet our horses and prepare our luggage. Depending on the season, our gear  might be transported by mules or tractor. We face a 25 km journey to the ranch's main  house, offering comfortable accommodation steeped in history. Here, rooms will be  allocated - double or single (with an additional fee for the latter). A traditional dinner  awaits us, followed by an overnight stay at Santana.


Day 3 :  Mare Wrangling - Herding

We'll start a little later with breakfast at 8 am. Our 4-hour horseback ride will lead us  to the mare herds. Upon arrival at the next ranch, we'll refresh with lemonade and receive our herding assignments. Alongside the cowboys, we will herd over 200  animals to the ranch pens. The duration of this task depends on the season and the  location of the animals. Post-arrival and lunch, we'll observe pen work, including  deworming, mane grooming, and selecting young horses for training.

Day 4:  Returning the Herds

After breakfast, we will ride out to return the horse herd to their new grazing area,  typically in the ranch's expansive pens. These pens, covering about 1000 hectares, are  designed to protect the young from pumas. We'll enjoy arepuelas (a type of bread) and  fresh lemonade before heading back to the house. After lunch, there's time to rest,  learn about crafting ropes and tools from hair and leather, and enjoy the pool. Season  permitting, we might kayak in the large pond in the house's yard and watch the  capybaras.

Day 5 :  El Algarrobo

Post-breakfast, we'll head to a traditional Llanero village, riding through the plains.  Here, we'll have lunch and delve deeper into the local culture, music, and dance. We  return to the main house for dinner.

Day 6 : Caño Viejo

To truly experience the plains, spend a night in a hammock at a ranch. We'll pack  lightly for an overnight stay at a smaller ranch – a humble dwelling with corrals where land caretakers and grazing animals reside.  This is the usual lodging for cowboys during work seasons. Amidst the savannah, we'll sleep alongside the real Llaneros in the stables. The evening will be filled with  traditional songs and rhymes before we rest. 

Day 7 : Matabrava

After packing our hammocks and enjoying breakfast, we prepare to bid farewell to the  plains and return to civilization. We'll ride to Matabrava, the entrance and exit of the  ranch. Following lunch and our farewells to the cowboys and horses, we'll take a two hour transfer back to Yopal. In the evening, we'll witness a demonstration of "coleo," a  national equestrian sport originating from this region, designed for controlling wild  animals that stray from formations. We'll enjoy a farewell dinner and stay overnight at  a hotel in Yopal.

Day 8 : We'll have breakfast, followed by a transfer to the airport.

The Spartacus Trail Ride Bulgaria from the Saddle, Entre Orejas.png
The Spartacus Trail Ride Bulgaria from the Saddle, Entre Orejas.png.jpg
The Spartacus Trail Ride Bulgaria from the Saddle, Entre Orejas.png
The Spartacus Trail Ride Bulgaria from the Saddle, Entre Orejas.png
The Spartacus Trail Ride Bulgaria from the Saddle, Entre Orejas.png
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