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Trail Ride of the Living Dead, Mexico

Una aventura ecuestre de 8 días en el corazón del México colonial.

Who is Who

Los Guias

¿Quieres saber quiénes somos? ... ¿Con quién reservas este viaje? ... ¿Quiénes son las guías de viaje? ... A continuación, una breve introducción a nuestro equipo "Entre Orejas".

Paul Coudenys


If anyone can say "been there, done that" then it’s Paul Coudenys!
Paul, born in Flanders Belgium, was once in his previous life a farrier. At age 21, he travelled backpacking around the globe, 3 years later and with a luggage full of travel and riding experiences he returned to Belgium. During his "long journey", he worked as a blacksmith shoeing horses at the polo club in Singapore, as a blacksmith and cowboy at a cattle station in Australia, as a gaucho in South America and as a rider in too many places and countries to mention.
In 1996 he founded “Hippo-Trek” and became one of the pioneers of worldwide riding holidays in Europe. Paul rode horses in 53 different countries and is perhaps one of the most experienced trail riders in the world. Loving the great horse culture and hospitality in Latin America Paul decided to move to Brazil in 2010. He lives in the southern state of Santa Catarina, home of the South American gaucho (cowboy). After years of experience in organizing and guiding equestrian holidays and riding expeditions around the world, he now only concentrates on  trail rides and equestrian tourism in Latin America. He is guiding all the riding trips himself and assures you participating at the best horse treks in Latin America.
Paul is also co-founder and president of ALATCE; Asociación Latinoamericana de Turismo y Cultura Ecuestre. (Latin American Association of Equestrian Tourism and Culture)
He speaks 6 languages, loves humor and life, is a very social person and knows like no other how to take you on a ride on the wild side!

Simón Vergara Gutierrez, Entre Orejas.jpg

Simón Vergara Gutierrez


Born in the saddle and born to be wild; that's how we could describe Simón in 2 short sentences!

Simón was born and raised in rural Colombia and has been passionate about horses since childhood. Turning his hobby into a profession he did by being apprenticed to the best horse people in the world. He took national and international courses, from Farriery, to Carriage Driving, Saddlery, Equine Therapy, Equestrian Center Management and First Aid Provider, to Natural Horsemanship internships with Monty Roberts & horse trainers such as Polito Ulloa.

He travelled in North, Central and South America on horseback and visited Europe, Africa and Asia

In addition, Simón has been working as a guide on multi-day trail rides and equestrian expeditions for years now. Taking care of his horses and riding guests, he guides like no other, is very social & helpful and does everything with a smile. He speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Adventure is his second nature; In 2017 Simón was part of Caroline Casey’s project “Valuable”. An expedition on horseback and mules where they rode from the Caribbean coastal city of Cartagena to the capital Bogota. A 1000km trip in the saddle in 30 days, dedicated to people with disabilities.

Today Simon is preparing for a new big adventure; an adventure that he probably later might remember as, “the university of life”. Simón will leave in January 2021, following the footsteps of the Incas, for a 500-days – 8.000 km journey with his mules from Colombia via Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, all the way to Argentina. You can follow his “5 Tierras” adventure and preparations on

Simón’s new ideas, passion and enthusiasm resulted in new Entre Orejas rides at great new destinations.

Angel 2_edited.jpg



Why his parents called him Angel, nobody knows, as he is a lot of things, but certainly not an Angel! :) He is a pleasant Mexican fellow, always ready for a joke and a party. But he is first and foremost a great horse man! Born and raised in Guanajato, one of the important states of the Charro culture, he grew up with horses and local cowboy life. He and his family are alos saddle manufacturers. Angel is co-founder of ALATCE; Asociación Latinoamericana de Turismo y Cultura Ecuestre. (Latin American Association of Equestrian Tourism and Culture) The Mexican equestrian culture is omnipresent in his life. In the saddle with Angel means a trip back into the history of his country. No better guide than Angel to show you the secrets of his beloved state of Guanajuato..

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